Coordinating your work with your studies or your studies with your work really is possible!

Are you a student who has some free time after class and wants to use it well? Are you interested in fashion, looking to gain experience in dealing with clients, and eager to grow and develop professionally? If so, employment at one of our stores could be an excellent place to put your ideas into practice, become established in the labour market, and achieve much more.

We are proud of our young and industrious employees who manage to balance work and studies. Our team includes students from a variety of fields who, after completing their studies, continue building their future within Apranga Group. After starting out as sales assistants, they strive for more and climb the career ladder to eventually become store managers, purchase and sales managers, or take on other challenges in Apranga Group.

Our stores give you the option of working full – or part-time according to a floating schedule. We are all for an educated individual, which is why we are always willing to look for compromises in coordinating your studies with your work schedule. Please keep in mind that weekday evenings and weekends are the busiest times at our stores. Are you prepared to work at that time? If so – we look forward to meeting you! Come and help us create a culture of excellent customer service at our stores, while becoming real experts in fashion and style!


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