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You can find information about job openings on our website under "Job offers"

Yes. Our stores give you the option of working full – or part-time according to a floating schedule. More information is available here.

Full-time is 8 hours/day, but part-time jobs are also available (4, 5, 6 or 7 hours/day).

There are various shifts: morning, day and evening; the number of hours depends on the type of employment.

Yes, but it is not the rule. The number of employees hired for the summer period depends on the needs of each store.

No – employees are required to work 4-5 days per week.

Yes. Accumulated experience, dedication, and the desire to improve are always valued at our company. When looking for people to fill various positions, we give our current employees priority, as a token of thanks for their loyalty and in an effort to encourage our entire team to continually grow.

When looking for store managers, we start with our best employees, who have accumulated sales experience, are knowledgeable about our group, and understand the processes that take place within the store and the company. If you are not an employee of our company but think that you are ready to take on the challenge, then you are also welcome to apply. You can read more about opportunities and positions in our stores here.

Wages at our stores consist of a base salary and a motivation bonus based on the store’s performance.

Yes – if you want to work at our company and believe that you able to fill the position, don’t hesitate to apply again.

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